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What is it ?

This is a simple service to show how many users currently viewing/visiting your web page


Embed this code on your website:

<script src=""></script>
let howmany = new hmu.HowManyUsers(
    window.location.href, // current page URL you want to track
        listener: function (onlineNum) { // number of users currently viewing the URL
            document.querySelector('#online').innerHTML = onlineNum


// Constructor
let howmany = new hmu.HowManyUsers(
    '', // full page URL you want to track
        endpointURL: 'ws://', // endpoint of howmanyusers server. Default: 'wss://'
        listener: function (onlineNum) {} // callback function to get number of users currently visiting the URL

// Instance methods
howmany.start() // start tracking
howmany.stop() // stop tracking

Open Source

HowManyUsers - Show how many users are viewing your web page right now. | Product Hunt